Extract objects in which programming language

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Capture function works on some objects but not all, may I know object written in which programming language are supported by UI Path?

  1. HTML5
  2. Java appliet
  3. Java - AWT
  4. Java - Swing
  5. Java - SWT
  6. Java - SwingX
  7. Java - JGoodies
  8. Java - JavaFX
  9. Java - Apache Pivot
  10. Java - Qt Jambi
  11. Jquery
  12. JavaScript
  13. Flash
  14. PHP
  15. Python
  16. ASP.NET
  17. VB.NET 2
  18. C#.NET
  19. AJAX (e.g. mouse over an item “Food” in a menu, a new menu will appear next to it “Pizza, Noodle, ….”)
  20. Win32
  21. .Net Framework
  22. Visual Basic
  23. VBA
  24. Java - Swing
  25. C
  26. C++
  27. C#
  28. Java
  29. ASP.NET
  30. VB.NET 2
  31. C#.NET
  32. Swift
  33. Objective C
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Which capture function you are talking about ?

what i meant to access the UI selector of an application

Incase of web application, it doesn’t matter which is the language, because at the end everything is HTML. Incase of desktop, if it is a Microsoft technology, again there should not be any problem. I am not sure about desktop applications developed using non-microsoft technologies. Even if it doesn’t work, you always have option of “click image” … So according to me it shouldn’t matter in which language the application is developed.

This is true only for GUI based applications, but I cannot comment on character based (DOS) applications.

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Thank you very much!