Extract Number and text from webpage and add to excel

Good Evening,
I have an automation that reads numbers from an excel sheet and searches those numbers in a website. step listed below.

  1. Read excel file (Attached). In the number column there is 6 numbers and a column for result.

  2. Type the number into the Manufacturer ID Box,See URL for webpage. (URL: Welcome to MID :: provided by vPIC - MID)

  3. Uncheck the Part 556 Text Box

  4. Click Search

  5. Once the results load at the bottom of the page there is Results. For Example for the Number 955 from the excel sheet it will say "Showing 1 t0 10 of 21 entries, for the number 969 will say No results found.

  6. Get the Result and add it to the result column in the excel sheet. Then click return to search.

The part I’m having trouble with is getting the result. For the
Showing 1 t0 10 of 21 entries i only need the number 21 and for the no result for 969 just need to say no result in the results tab. Also the number of entries found can be 100 or 200,like 957 has over 100 entries.
The list attached is just a few examples, there are either a number of results or no results. If somebody could make up a work flow that would be much appreciated. See attached excel file. My original excel file has over 18,000 numbers that need to be searched and results added to the excel sheet
test.xlsx (8.4 KB)

@NATHAN_MORA So you want only 21 entry after search. suppose there is 20 entries then what will happen


You can try with element exits for No result data.

Can you share the expected output?


I just need the results for each number in the excel file

This data you need it in excel right?

if you type in 955 in the Manufacturer ID and uncheck the 566 check box and push search you will see all the results at the bottom of the page. I need that info extracted and added to the results column corresponding to that number in the excel file. Some numbers will have very few results and some over 100 and some no results will be found.


Share the output excel file for the input that you provided

@NATHAN_MORA are you want to save records in one sheet or in different sheets against each Number

test1.xlsx (8.5 KB)
This is what the output should be in the results column, the bot types in each number in the Manufacturer ID box and gets the number of results and writes that result in the results column

For the Above search for 955 i can’t able to 21 entities. @NATHAN_MORA

doesn’t matter just need to get the extraction part figured out

Doesn’t matter

Also if its easier we can just go through the list and find the ones that don’t have any entries. Go through each number and only add no results to the numbers that don’t have results. If No results is found then add that to the results column. My sheet has 18000 numbers and i really only need to go through them and find the ones that have no results.

test2.xlsx (8.8 KB)
Here is a longer list if that helps


Did you try the Table extraction?

@NATHAN_MORA Ok got it Give me some Time.

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Sounds good, getting the number of results for each number is more of a bonus for filtering later.


Check out the XAML file


ExtractDataEntitiesCount.xaml (25.5 KB)


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