Extract multiple tables from gmail

Hello friends i want to extract tables from email,
there are multiple tables in a single mail, how to extract it
I found a custom activity # Extract Tables from Mail from Market place but can’t use in new version of studio.
if any one know please help.
note: the table format changes each time new email we receive.


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Get the email body in html format…and save it in abc.html file…

Now open the file using use application/browser activity and then use table axtraction activity


Thnks @Anil_G, but the problem is it will extract only first table
i have two more tables which i have to extract. if u have any idea how to get those table?

@Yoichi @Palaniyappan i see you people have posted some idea how to get table from gmail.
Is there any way to get multiple table from the mail.

right now i saved the mail in html format and used extract table. But by this we can get only single table, I have multiple tables in a mail which i need to extract.


Its not like that…you. Can increase the table idx and get any number of tables…there is no restriction on it

In the selector please add idx=‘2’ to get second


you can try for each element and select datatable

then in extract table, so that it may be any number tables you can extract

but you should be cautious about the structure


Can you please elaborate.
which element you are telling about? how to know which element is table?

i was referring to tables in email body

as you said you were able to extract only one table so to loop the tables elements

Take a sample email with more than one table

Try with for Each UI Element activity and indicate tables ( will iterate through tables )

In the block use extract tables activity and perform the activities you require


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