Extract log file

Hello everyone,
I surrounded my workflow with try catch and selected system exception in order to get all type of errors.
Now How to extract the results of the journal in a readable excel file ?


Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

Do you want to write all exceptions into excel file ?

Yes that’s exactly what I want!


Use Write Cell activity to write into excel file.

I mean , the output made by uipath like “time of execution” “error system” “Number of cases treated”,
I want them to be extracted in an excel file

Did you try the below:

This workflow reads the logs and creates a readable excel file.

Hi ,

I want to know more about Logfile parser.clicking on above link redirecting to update my details after doing that not redirecting to Roboyo-LogFile parser.
I have a requirement of reading log file generated by Uipath and placing execution details of BOT in an excel.
So whether Roboyo functionality is released by Uipath or it has to be released.
Can you please help me with step to step procedure of using this.