Extract License Usage Post 3 Months From Orchestrator License Page

How to extract the license usage older than 3 months from Orchestrator ?

In the dbo.robotlicenselogs table, use the following command to extract the relevant information:

SELECT *FROM [UiPath].[dbo].[RobotLicenseLogs] where StartDate >= '2021-10-27' AND EndDate <= '2022-06-20'

(the dates are orientative and should be changed according to your need)

Start date and End date - The start and end time of when this licensing entry was created

RobotType - Type of Robot license consumption, following can be used as a reference:

"NonProduction" Value="0"

"Attended" Value="1"

"Unattended" Value="2"

"Development" Value="3"

"StudioX" Value="4"

"Headless" Value="5"

"StudioPro" Value="6"

"TestAutomation" Value="7"