Extract latest date from webtable

what error message it is throwing?

“Date Submitted” does not belong to the table

Can you share your screen with me ?

i am in the client machine…so sharing is blocked

i can share the excel file retried after scraping…
Messaging u

I am also using client machine on skype or teams we can share it…

Anyhow ,

Check your column name when you are scraping data I am 110% sure you are giving different column name on both sides. Validate it

please share your teams id

Hi Ghazanfar,

The extract dataTable is giving Null result…rescraped it but still its not working… :frowning:

Are you scrapping it in a right way?

Do scraping same like you did yesterday.
Or check metaData selectors . Are the selectors same or changing on every page reload?
If they are changing then make them in such a way that it does not give null value ok?

yeah…parentId selector is changing everytime…working on it only

Yeah Then discard parent id or make it in such a way that if it changes then it will not cause any issue regarding data.


Good .
Dont worry you can do it :slight_smile: