Extract information separately from a scanned document

Hi Guys,

I want to extract the marked text in the image. I’m using scrape relative to select the marked text. For one document it works great, but other documents it doesnt recognize it

The Structure of the document is the same

  • Last name
  • Streetname
  • Streetnumber
  • Postal Code
  • TownvbUipath

I am assuming that you are using Attach Window activity before the scraping.
Did you make the selector for that Activity dynamic, in a sense that it won’t fail when you try to open another file?

Yes I used Attach Window and the selector is dynamic

If the structure of the text is the same, just the different names etc maybe use Read PDF activity with some Regex expressions.

You could send us the project file (as a zip), maybe latter i can take i look

The document doesn’t recognize/support as a pdf file. So I am using image recording -> scrape relative

What type of format is the file?