Extract information from hyper link from portal

Hi team ,
we have one scenarios in our Automation , Consider below image as website page in that we have different columns and for specific Error description column is with hyperlink , So we need to open each hyper link and extract error information from that popup screen and store it in excel sheet A column .

Could some please help us how we can extract the hyperlink details .


Hi Krishnakumar,

You can use Get Attribute activity for obtaining the ‘href’ for the particular hyperlink.


Can we iterate with “href” to get next below links ?

Lets EROR11 extract the details and then it should go to EROR12 Hyper link . is it possible ?

Yes. For that you can use Get attribute activity inside ‘For each’ activity.

Sorry, Actually If you click hyperlink another screen will open , in that we will have many fields in that specific error description we need to extract .

then close popup and move to next row hyper link to perform same action .



try this :

dt.AsEnumerable.ToList.ForEach(Sub(row) row("ErrorInfo") = OpenBrowser(row("HyperlinkColumn").ToString).GetText("SelectorForErrorInfo").ToString)


You can use Get Text Acitivity to get the exact error message.

@Krishnakumar_Vasudevan @sariga.mani

yes , but i give a solution in one line

so, if you want change the text means you can change as per your need


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