Extract Highlighted text from either PDF or Word and copy it to new Word file

I need to extract highlighted text from a PDF/Word and copy it to an Excel file.
What Activity should I use?

Matches activity!

How would that search for highlighted text?

Use this below site, to try your regex.

Its a dynamic text.It’s basically review comments added in a flowing word report.
ismatch will require a standard text to look up.

Can you send me your pdf and tell me what to extract ??

I am not allowed to attache here. However Example as below :

Hi this is a test message.This line needs no extraction.

this line is bold this needs extraction

this line is normal…with some figures and table

this line is bold again.Needs extraction

What to extract from this, can you elaborate little bit???..

where you are extracting this from?

PDF file is placed in a folder in system.
The Bold text needs extraction and pasting to a new word file.

[B\][a-zA-Z0-9._/ ]+[/B] @nitim64
try this and let me know

i actually need it for highlighted text.Bold was just an example because i was not able to upload a document or image to show the same