Extract four digit number from the sentence

Hi Team,

date code charge
05/14/2024 1234 Tb test bbb
05/14/2024 g123 aa bbb uuu
05/14/2024 5678 yyy uuu iii 32

From the above text i need to extract only 1234 , g123, 5678

Here date is dynamic its not static one

Any suggestions? To the code alone


Hi @vaishali

Try this:



I have tried this but i am able to extract only first line code not other line

Hi @vaishali

Can you share the screenshot of the flow.


You need to use System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegEx.Matches not .Match

.Matches gives you an array of all the matching values.

Hi @vaishali

Check the below workflow:
Sequence6.xaml (7.8 KB)



Thanks for sharing xaml

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Glad to have helped @vaishali

Happy Automation!!

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