Extract Fields from JSON Object

Problem Statement: Need to extract vNumber from below JSON Object but getting some errors while using For Each Loops.

  1. Deseralize JSON output is given below.
  2. Using assign activity, i have achieved the output for single array - output.

vNumber = ResultDeserialized.SelectToken(“abc.output(0).vNumber”).ToString
vNumber = 1 (which is correct value but required logic for each loop for multiple vNumbers)

For multiple vNumbers, i need logic to build in for each loop.

JSON Object:

“abc”: {
“output”: [{
“__cache”: {
“uri”: “https://xx(vNumber=1X,startDate=datetime’2019-02-20T00:00:00’,userId=‘1’)”,
“type”: “SFOData.EmpJob”
“vNumber”: “1”,
“startDate”: “/Date(1579478400000)/”,
“endDate”: “/Date(253402214400000)/”,
“customString”: {

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Find some strater Help here:
JsonDemo_ArrayField.xaml (5.7 KB)
working with:
data.json (319 Bytes)


Thanks @ppr

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