Extract excel info, search this on web page and click in the right button

Hi Team

I need to find a number, and when the bot finds it click the button on the side, but always corresponding to the number that is extracted from a line in excel, can anyone help me?

that page

The mouse click have this code format

it is quite similar to following link:

the selector will be different as it is another structure. Target element is the button.

Hi @Prayste
I think u can try the way of datascrapping

Like under the status, when u try to scrap, try whether u can get the URL associated with the button [ edit button], then using the datatable manipulation, u can find the number u need and then can use the corresponding link to it to navigate to the required page or something.

Try that way

Nived N
Happy Automation

Which selector do you think I should use?

This button don’t have a direct link to use, i think so, but you have a example i accept!

is there href attribute which it had associated with edit button ?

That link have a user code, but is dynamic i can’t preview

can you please show us the selector from button / Link along with available attributes (right side top panel from UiExplorer thanks

Like when datascraping the edit button are u getting the link too ?

the URL of the bar is the same as the button

unfortunately you was not showing the unused attributes but give a try on following

similar to the linked post from above:

create a string variable: name: strID defaultvalue: any ID on which you want to validate the selector

Use follwoing selector

<html app='chrome' title='SOAP*' />
<webctrl tag='TD' innertext='{{strID }}' />
<nav up='1' />
<webctrl tag='A' tableCol='8' />



  • ensure that for the variable a correct default value is set
  • explore within the UiExplorer the two selectors(target, anchor) seperately
  • also check if anchors innertex value is only the string or maybe surounded by other chars (e.g. Blanks)
  • once all parts are working bring it together

The integrated anchor selectors can also be created within uiexplorer

  • indicate target
  • indicate anchor
  • finetune anchor
  • finetune target
  • dynamize target

i go try, and return to you

Good morning, I couldn’t apply this to my bot, I’ll try to study some alternative, thanks for all the help!