Extract Email Body with different text font

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I have designed a workflow where I am trying to extract email data. And for extracting Email Body, I am using “mail.Body.ToString” but this code is only extracting the plain text and if there is any image in email body, then it is giving email body in < html > form and if there is data/text which is of different font, color etc. then it is giving blank email body.

How can I extract the data which is of different font. Please help with this.

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Can you please help with this problem. Thanks

Hi @dimple.khurana,

Perhaps some string manipulations on the “email body in < html > format” extracted by you

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Hi @Marius_Puscasu,

Thanks for your response. I am using “Split” on Email Body but only if its length is more than “32767” else I am only using “mail.Body.ToString” and assigning it to a variable but that variable does not have the email body if the text is of different font, color. How can I extract that type of email body.


Hi @Nithinkrishna,

Could you please help with this issue, Thanks.

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Hey @dimple.khurana ,

Thanks for mentioning. Wil try to help you out.

As soon as you read email, are you checking it is able to fetch the body before applying any split or condition check.

Could you please try this & if possible please share a snap or project file to have a look.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Nithinkrishna ,

Thanks for your response.

Actually, in the case of plain text, it is extracting email body. In case of images, it is extracting data in < html > form. But if the text is of different font(size or color), then email body is empty. So, how can I extract this type of text.


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Can I know which email provider and activities are you using please…

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I am extracting data from my Gmail Account and using “Get IMAP Mail Messages” Activity.