Extract dynamic image from image file

I need to know how to extract or crop the images and save them separately from image file if the image file contains more than 1 scanned image. Can anybody enlighten me?

Can you provide us any input image file which contains more than one image.

are images in your scanned image are always fixed length.?

no… they can be of any size,color,position

right now i dont have any… will send u soon

we need some reference to achieve this.

consider having your voter id and pan card scanned as a single image… you need to crop the pan card into a single image and voter id into a single image.
will send you a reference soon

Hi ais97

see this. i think it will help you

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I have looked into this already… But we have to specify the x,y,width,height etc… but in my case I don’t know the coordinates… The image can be anywhere in the window… Do u have any solution for this?

consider this as an example and crop these into 2 separate images
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


In this case you need to crop the picture by 1:2. So what you need to do is like to get the breadth of the image and divide it by 1/2 and then pass the coordinates accordingly to crop the image.

Killi Sravan Kumar

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how u determine the image contains 2 or 3 images? any criteria?

for example i need the id proofs of 10 people… it can be anything aadhaar,voter,driving licence,pan card,etc. They can provide any of these like whatever they have… so if a person has aadhaar,voter,pan he can provide that… if a person has only aadhaar card he has to provide it… this is the criteria for determining the number of images… it depends on the person to scan the IDs into a single image or scan them separately

consider this as another example… this shows the back and front of aadhaar card… how to crop this into 2 different images?

Did anyone find any solution to this issue? Pls help… Its urgent


Is there any solution to the above problem??? Pls reply