Extract diffrent tables with same format per emails

Hey! I have a problem. I need to extract each table from each email bodies and write that table to different excel files. I will have the same format emails but the number of the rows could be different. Like num 1 and num 2 photo

I need to take this per table to excel files, could you help me?

Hi @iremguner

Save the body of email as .html file , Open it in browser and use data scraping to get the table

Then you can write each to separate sheet using write range


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Hi @iremguner ,

Could you maybe try using the Component below and Check if you are able to get the Tables Extracted :

@iremguner - At First Read the Outlook Mail,

  1. For Each Outlook (Apply the some filter Condition if needed) → Use HTML Content create
    2.Now you may got the code of Total Body Content then Keep “Date” as Start Label and “RMK” as End Label (Hint: Use the Index Logic to find position of those label)
    3.Now Write those Range value from start Label to End Label into Excel.

Happy Learning !!


Hey, thanks for the solution. Could you do an example please?