Extract date like strings from long string

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I have a question regarding the formatting of a long string through regex expressions. I have no expirience with this. I always worked my way around with normal string formatting. For this case however, I think regex would be the best solution. I have a string that looks like this:

Spain: AG342123, Madrid 29.06.2020, RM 43, IS432423, 123432334, BCN Seaet, Madrid, BLAHBA, Germany: IS343214, Barcelona 03.11.2019, TE 34, etc…

I would like to extract all date like formats. In this case “29.06.2020” and “03.11.2019”.

I have tried with splitting and substring but it won’t work since the string length and placement is not constant

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Is the date format same i.e. dd.mm.yyyy ?

yes, always this format

Try this regex


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works perfect. Thanks a lot @hasib08

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Use Matches Activity and give you string, like below

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Check out my post if you want to learn more about Regex

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