Extract DataTable

I’m using latest feature of extracting the datatable from the webpage.
I’m scraping the columns and data on single page.
But when I finish the work with wizard, my activity has yellow warning saying: “Multiple pages/rows are configured but a Next button is not set”.
How do I change to single-page extraction? I can’t find this property.
Thank you.


Do not click Next Button. Just save!


Well, the thing is I am not clicking on “Next button” at all, but still having this warning later

Could you share a screenshot of the error please? :slight_smile:

Could you check if in properties you have it in this way?


Yes, everything is the same. I honestly don’t know where this comes from

Is this property in Null?


Yes, also the same

had you clicked on continue?

Later you will see a warning, more in function of a reminder, but not as a blocker

Hi @olgu,

Just try this method, click the data scraping method, and scrape the data and the output will be shown. Then once you click Finish, it will ask you whether it is multiple pages like the screenshot below. Click No and your issue gets solved.



Also try:
close xaml / open xaml after configuring the extraction:

next button setting is null and warning is gone

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Set Maxpages to 1.