Extract DataTable Values

Hi all

I’ve been tasked with building a generic component which extracts a value from an input DataTable

INPUT: DataTable
INPUT: ColumnName
INPUT: RowNumber

Output: Value (Object)

Please can I ask what code I would need to use in any assign(s) to get the output value, which i’ll then pass back to the process using an out argument.

Thanks in advance

Hi @jordrowley,

  1. Start by creating an Xaml file with 4 Arguements -

3 of Direction IN
INPUT: DataTable - inDataTable -
INPUT: ColumnName - intColumnNumber -
INPUT: RowNumber -IntRowNumber -

and 1 of Out Direction for Output: Value (Object) - outObject-

In the Xaml we are specifying that we are returning the value in a form of Object from the input DataTable for the mentioned row and Column.

PFB Screenshot.


thank you so much for that, that has worked perfectly :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend!


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