Extract Datatable from PDF and put it in excel

Hi everyone,
I have a data table in PDF and I want to extract the data table and put it in excel.Can anyone help?

Can You Share The pdf

Please find the attached Zip. The Project was created with the Below details
Uipath Community Studio version :

Activity details:
“UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”: “[18.3.6897.22543]”,
“UiPath.System.Activities”: “[18.3.6897.22524]”,
“UiPath.Excel.Activities”: “[2.4.6884.25683]”,
“UiPath.Mail.Activities”: “[1.2.6863.29868]”,
“UiPath.PDF.Activities”: “[1.2.6863.34697]”

PDF extraction.zip (118.5 KB)

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Can You integrate Python?
if Yes then

  1. Use Camelot
    Here is The code:
    import camelot
    tables = camelot.read_pdf(r’pdf_path’,flavor=‘lattice’)
    It can be extracted using Regular Expression
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Can you make a quick workflow for that?

Using Camelot?
Using Regular Expression?

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Camelot please. Do we have to install anything except Uipath Studio?

In Studio You have to install Uipath.Python.Activites
You also need to install python 2.7 or above version
and Ghostscript 9.2.7

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Can you solve it without Python?
I am sharing the PDF

hi @Shanmukh08
Thankyou for the reply but I have attached PDF if you can help

It Can Be Solved By Using Regular Expression
Condition: Format Should Not Change

Yes format should not change but I am not well versed with Regular Expression,I will be very thankful if you can share the workflow

Till the time try using below mentioned activity

Which Data are you trying to Extract from PDF and please share the PDF.
If there is a data table in PDF then UiPath won’t work properly because Read PDF or Read PDF text will convert all data into string not im DATA TABLE so you’ll have hard time Figuring out what selector or separator to use to build a Perfect DATATABLE and Implement that into EXCEL file.


Happy Learning.

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HI @Brian_Patel
I have already shared the PDF in the above replies and I want to extract the entire table as it is

Kindly close this with the solution for the one you feel correct with, so that it would help others while looking for solution…


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Ofcourse I will once I get the solution

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The best solution will be using Python
Regular expression May get worse while implementation

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ok,Thanks for your effort but just one thing if you have tried can you please share the workflow with Regex

This the output I am getting through python…If you need the code then revert me as it is not possible through regular expressions.