Extract data usingtwo different data scrapping actions whihch requires a click in between


Im trying to implement a process where there is need extracting data which are represented in a two different patterns.
Below is the sample of data that i have to scrape:

In the snapshot i have highlighted the fields that i have to extract. For eg in the snapshot first four fields should repeat as the same and the next 3 values will change for every row.

Similary there is data available in multiple rows and i have extract all the required data properly and map them properly.

Note: When we click on the first row(4 Highlighted Values) we will see the hidden details of last 3 highlighted values.

Im not able to properly map the values to corresponding records. Please help me with a solution for this. Im attatching my workflow here for reference.DonaldsonDataScrape (2).zip (22.2 KB)