Extract data to columns

Hey amigos,

I’m creating a data extraction tool, and now I’m facing one problem. I need this code to paste data into columns and not rows. I’m using copy paste range to put data into separate columns but I don’t know how to make destination cell go to B1 - C1 - D1 and so on. Could you guys help me?

Hi @Sarunas_Brazauskas,

You can add more data to your datatable in the “Add Data Row” activity and seperate it with a comma.

i.e {Row.item(“Topic”).ToString, Row.item(“Topic2”).ToString, Row.item(“Topic3”).ToString}

You can then write or append this range to the excel and it will seperate the data into columns without having to specify the specific column.


not all details are clear form the screenshot, but maybe following helps for an dynamic column letter calculation: