Extract data that does not have one-to-one relationship


I am currently working on a project for school in which we have to analyze the Dread Pirate Robert’s Bitcoin wallet from Blockchain. I need to extract the following columns: Wallet From (The left hand side of the site), Wallet URL, Amount of Bitcoin, and the dates it’s being sent. I have extracted everything beside the dates.

As you can see, the wallet (18kb7PqR… AND 1Exs9S… ) have sent bitcoin on 2021-01-27, but what the data scraping did is just extracting wallet 18kb7Pq…

When I scrape the data without the date, I have 9 rows.

However, when I extract the date as well, it shows me only 6 rows, meaning it has eliminate the wallets after the first one.

Is there any way that I can scrape the date that is associated to the wallet as well?