Extract Data Table works sometimes

Hi Team,

I am extracting data from a table on a website, sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. Meaning it extracts data blank data.

  • I made sure all dynamic elements are “*” .
  • My browser (Chrome) input settings is “Simulate”
  • Wait for page to load is set to “Complete”
  • I have about 30 “Extract Data Tables”
  • Selecting elements was done on a dual monitor setup (Don’t know if that maybe is the cause?)
  • Dont know if it might be a StudioX glitch? maybe try to recreate it in normal Studio?

Attached is my xaml file DataTableExtractTest.zip (140.7 KB)

Thank you


Along with this look for any other element in that webpage or even in that table and wait till it gets loaded completely where You can use a Find Element or ON ELEMENT APPEAR It will wait until the element appears on the screen. You can also set certain options like wait until visible and wait until active.

Cheers @jaco

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Thanks @Palaniyappan ,

I have found an aaname, that has the column names of the table, hopefully that will work.

Will let you know.

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Also, StudioX does not have those “Find element” or “On Element Appear” activities.

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StudioX is mainly for the Citizen developers who are nonprogrammers / Business Users

Studio Pro is mainly for Developers so you can see more activities than the StudioX

Hope this may help you


Thanks @Srini84 , I am still a citizen dev.
Still trying StudioPro, but I have no .Net experience, hopefully one day.

Thanks again

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

5 runs and worked ever time.

Thanks again

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