Extract data table after clicking


 I need to complete this one I try many ways but never I completed this the issue is .

First I want to click the upload quatation one by one automatically now its last three but
1.upload to Ax
2.upload quatation
3.upload to Ax
4.upload quatation
But I click the upload quatation only, I pass the dynamic varaible in that but it’s not woked I think.

After I click upload quatation I want to pick files it’s worked and click next buuton

If the way is first I click upload quatation then I want to drop files in that quatation and then I click next button.
1. Extract the data table I did it
2. Write in excel I did it
3. For each row I did it
This is only worked
4. Inside for each row also I did code

  But it's not worked please help me to complete this one.