Extract Data Scraping into excel

In my for each row in datatable im need to do a search on a database. Im using DataScraping and extracting a datatable then using the filter wizard to filter the data i want from the extracted datable. I need to take the filter data and add it into an excel sheet over and over again because its in a for each row in datable. so each time i filter the data that list of data will need to be written into an excel sheet. Any help would be great. I have the data extracted and filtered just not sure how to add all the data into an excel sheet. Please Send Help lol

Workbook Write Range


I would suggest …first to create another DT where in each loop will add a DataRow … then at the end of the process with write range activity …write in excel the datatable.

Lets us know is that help.

That’s what the Filter Datatable activity is for.

oh maybe I misunderstood … I thought he does the filter more than once.

@NATHAN_MORA you can simply write the filtered data at once in excel sheet without using for each loop. Please find the below workflow for it

DataTable.zip (11.7 KB)