Extract data on xls file base on another text

Hi Everyone.

Sorry I have made a new thread again.

I want to extract the number “100958379652” base on the another text “Số tờ khai” as below picture . It’s mean that if the text is “Số tờ khai” then it will extract all of row and then split or replace to received the number as above.

I have made a XAML file and indentified contained text but I don’t know how to write row into the another excel file.

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Sorry, I attach zip file.Extract Invoice Data.zip (29.2 KB)

Hi @trunghai,

why don’t you use the Write Cell command?


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Hi Bro.

Thanks you.

I can use it if format files are fixed as my attached xaml file.

But the xls file can be changed format ( insert or delete row ), so we must be determine text to extract.
TKN.xaml (19.3 KB)