Extract data from the dropdown values through Document understanding overview

There is a image attached below. For example there are two sex female and male. If a person have checked female then I have to extract that data from the form. I have extracted simple data from the form but unable to extract this type of data. Do anyone of you have its solution that how can we resolve this?

Your little help is much appreciated.
thank you

@nashrahkhan - I saw in your other post you have created the sets for these cases already…so in order get these values you have to use Regex based extractor to find the X filled for the boxes… I will share the sample in a minute…

Hi, @nashrahkhan used selectors depends on selectors take a boolean value.
if a value is true then used that value.

@nashrahkhan - Addinng more to my statement above…here is my regex based extractor setup…

Output : you can see from the below output that “Other” has been picked up clearly…

In order to create the regex pattern, you can copy the form text using in button.


And then copy the text, and figure out your Regex pattern.

Please watch this video, which will give an idea on this.

Note: For Male/Female – you can simply use Boolean and just extract the X for Male. IF X is not found it will write as No. with this easily you can figure out that the applicant is female.

Hey @prasath17
Yes we can use regex but for this case I have set my dropdown values as Boolean. It automatically identify it and marked as Yes or no.