Extract data from pdf...save in excel

I want to extract Status from pdf With respect to T.Duration…A_T_Jan_20.pdf (9.4 KB)

this is my flow…Sequence.xaml (28.7 KB)

After Total duration i want to Add Status …

Use regex ismatch and matches activities with expression, (?<=Status)(?s)(.*)(?=Page 1)
this will give you all the statuses.

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it is not work…

Please edit my flow…and send …

Check this below workflow, I have converted the whole pdf to excel file hope this may help you, @Shubham_Akole
PdfConversionExcel.xaml (5.4 KB)

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PdfConversionExcel.xaml: No compiled code to run
error BC30002: Type ‘SautinSoft.PdfFocus’ is not defined. At line 5

is failing here

Download the PDF Focus.net package from Sautin Soft.

it is not used…sorry