Extract Data from Multiple forms

So I followed the documentation on extracting data from forms with Extracting data from forms

I can’t upload .xaml because it has API keys on it and other confidential information but this process works when I direct the file path to 1 specific file.

How do I have this loop through thousands of forms? I have approximately 11k forms I need to run this process on and export to excel.


Use a for each file in folder and use this inside that


so that works to loop through but the results don’t save. they override one another and the only results that I see is the data from the last PDF it processes.


Use merge datatable…Then you can merge the data and write all at once

Or write the data to multiple sheets by changing sheetname to filename or so


can you help explain how to use merge datatable from a dataset?


requiredtable = dataSet.Tables[0]

This will give you dattable

MergedDT = requiredtable.Clone()

Do the clone in a if condition or only once…else the data would be lost

Now use a merge datatable with requiredtable as source and MergedDT as destination

Hope this helps


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