Extract Data from JsonObject


I have deserialized JsonString to JsonObject and I got the following as output :


I want to convert this to one Line , Like : Frank Alexander Male France, Who to do that ?

That is not at all a perfect JSON @hsendel,

Can you post the string you have or the exact results you are getting?

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Thanks @HareeshMR for prompt feedback. Please find in attached file my example where I want to get at the end : ** Frank Alexander Male France instead of :
imageExample.zip (36.9 KB)

@hsendel, you have to deserialise for the gender json and put a if statement to convert the output to text (male or female).

Example.zip (36.8 KB)


Definitely!!! Thanks a lot @LeoRX, You have done a Great JOB, I appreciate :slight_smile:

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