Extract Data from first 10 pages of amazon website

Hello everyone,
The thing is i need to go to “https://www.amazon.com” website and search for “Suspense Fiction Books” and get 10 pages of data (Book name, Author Name, Price in $).
I have tried using do while but it is scraping the data from all the pages.
Can anyone help me out with this issue!!!

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Scrape for 1 page and repeat for 10 pages, please see this
Extract_Amazon_Fiction_Books.xaml (18.7 KB)

Hope it helps!

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hey @Sheshrocks

Thank you for the suggestion, I have tried the same but the click activity is always failing.
I need to build a dynamic selector for the click activity, can you help me out with that??

Can you show me the error ? may be you need to indicate on your screen, i guess as i haven’t created a dynamic selector in my workflow.

The idea was to let you know how to scrape for 10 pages!

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