Extract Data from Excel Or PDF

I need to extract data in yellow color I tried with OCR it doesn’t detect cell same thing in excel can’t specify the column… I’ll be grateful if any one can help me

Hi Amina,

There is a Get Cell Color Activity in UiPath. You should first open an Excel Application Scope and loop through the cells getting the colors. Use an If statement to get the value of the cell after you check if the color is “Yellow”.

the yellow color is not in the excel I added just to show the exactly cell I need to extract … and if I use the parcour the excel I get only the first value … for example in For each row the row(7) I get only the first value not all the 3 values I get only 29987,50 not ( 29987,50, 29907,00 and 27000,24)


Have you tried using the Read Cell Activity after opening Excel Application Scope?
If Read Cell doesn’t work for you, show me your source and the Excel/PDF so that we can figure out exactly what’s going on.

Hello Amina, you said you want to extract yellow cells and used OCR, for that I supposed you have a pdf, but then you said you have an excel but the yellow color doesn’t really exist and the For each row give you only the first value, I think this has to do with the structure of the excel itself you have to provide an excel example with some dummy data for us to know how exactly we can solve this problem!

Okii Here is my file, @reda the file was in pdf format so when I try to use OCR it dosen’t detect the cells so I thought to couvert it to excel but when I try to extract data in the column that contains 3 rows I get only the value of the for row in each column… did you get my problem??

@pathLessTaken I tried with the get cell activity but the same result only the first value, but for me I need to extract the second one

journal_paie.zip (13.2 KB)
refer to this solution.
I’ve used a counter so I can’t guarantee that it would work on another excel sheet but it’s going to give you an idea about how can do it.


Could not find type ‘Honoka.SmallArticle.Activities.RepetitionByCounter’ in assembly ‘SmallArticle’. Row: 69, Column: 14

go to Manage Packages (ctrl+p) and under (available ==> all) search for “SmallArticle for Easy RPA” and install it

when you do that just close and reopen the solution
PS: you have to have a recent version of uipath

okii Cool !! Thank you so much @reda