Extract data from excel and populate rows in an existing open browser

Hi! All,

I am trying to automate a process wherein we have multiple rows in an excel sheet. Each cell value is extracted and populated in the browser window which is open having multiple rows displayed.

I have been able to have the data populated in the Data Table from the excel file. I am now trying to have the values pasted in the browser. I am looking for guidance, how this could be achieved. I have already done the following steps to store the values in the variables.


What step needs to be performed to populate in the existing open browser with the rows values.

Appreciate if you could help or point me to any thread that has this solution. I have searched in the forum which has details other way round, ie from browser to excel.

Hey @sk2412

Kindly check this thread. you will found the way you are looking for :slight_smile:


Thanks Aksh for a prompt response. Appreciate it.

In my requirement the website wherein I need to populate the values, requires to navigate to a certain page after logging in, putting captcha details etc. So opening a new browser and then navigating to the specific page would not work.

Therefore, I am thinking instead of opening a new browser, I navigate to the specific page and then run the program, such that the program should take use of the existing open page and just fill with the data that is extracted from the excel. Hope this helps to clarify the need.

In the example shared we are opening a new browser and then putting the value, which in my case may not work.

Request your feedback. thanks.

That is what.it was . Just for quick reference you can use existing browser and u
can use navigate activity and rest ur operation :innocent:

If still.needs workflow may be someone from forum will provide you the same :relaxed:

hi hi, i would like to be able to work on a prompt box and have data entered into the prompt box/es (either one data will be able to be used to search) and from there open a browser and the RPA to fill up either one of the fields provided and perform the search function. i believe i can’t use type into, and i am not sure how to store the data keyed in by user and thereafter input into the correct field in the browser once it opens up?