Extract data from dynamic Webpage

Hello All,

I am trying to extract data from a webpage which has dynamic values. Also the structure is a combination of forms and tables with drop downs, text boxes, Radio buttons etc.
By using data scraping wizard, I am able to extract only the form values which are from the drop downs only. It will not fetch data if there is text box. Also the labels in the forms are getting repeated. Tried using Find element, find children but the code is getting heavy with the loops however the data is not accurate.

I cannot share the webpage as it is internal.

Please suggest best approach to retrieve data in this scenario.


Find Children approach is always a way to adapt to the changing dynamics of the web page, however, as you have rightly said, it often ends up being quite code heavy.

You could use anchors if you can identify stable selectors on your tables perhaps.

You should also look at using OCR activities to click on elements rather than selectors if that is an option.

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