Extract data from .dwg files

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Is it possible to extract the data or the images from the .dwg files?



You can convert .dwg file to pdf file and you can extract data from it using read pdf custom activity

Sivasankar S

Thank You Sivasankar, But the issue over here is i need to extract the drawings from the .dwg files.
Is there any possible way for the same?


i hope we dont have any specific activity to read the data from .dwg File…
may be we can open the file with START PROCESS activity by mentioning the file path as input to the FILEPATH property
–once after opening we can use SCREEN SCRAPPING to get the data we want

as @Sivasankar said we can convert the file to pdf and use READ PDF with ocr activity or READ PDF activity and get the output with a variable of type string named str_input
then we can use string manipulation to get the desired value we want

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Hi @Palaniyappan ,

The dwg file in my scenario contains only images. Is it possible to extract the type of the image ,(i.e. either rectangle or a square or a circle) ?


no buddy only the text can be retrieved

@Palaniyappan Thanks :slight_smile:

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cheers @Sasi23