Extract data from csv

I have a pdf file exported to CSV . it has multiple sets of data I need to extract. Basically, I want to create a data table with these headers Name, Abo#, Violation, Violation Date, Sanction , Created date

Problems I see and not sure how to get

There are multiple sets , so the first set “Abigail” will have the created date November 21,2019 (this date is from the header text). Second set have 2 names and for both, created date is December 3 2019 (date from the header), So how do I loop through and add these to the data table.

Because your data appears semi-structured I suspect you will need to look into something like the document understanding modules. I suspect that the type of data you have cannot simply be imported from a CSV file into a data table.

See New UiPath Document Understanding features have been released! for more information.

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You should loop all rows to check if it contains “AGREED BOARD…” text
Then you can build an array of these items’ index
Use that index, you can start a new loop for all sets, and use Read Range with Start~End Cell based on “AGREED BOARD…”'s indexs.

Tried creating a workflow based on intelligent OCR activities.But not working as expected.Only getting the manually trained data in the output. Please help me with a solution for this.