Extract data from a SAP ALV-Grid into a UiPath DataTable variable

Could you tell me if is it possible to extract Data from a SAP ALV Grid directly into a UiPath Datatable variable?

Which function or activity should I have tu use?

I tried with “Data Scrapping” but I got Error: “This control does not support data extraction.”

I tried “Screen Scraping”, with better luck, and I got a GetVisibleText ‘SAPALVGrid’ activitie with a Sapalvgrid ‘GenericValue’ variable!
Anyway I write to ask if there is any way to get a Datatable variable directly from the ALV grid, because I don’t know how could I perform for eg. the separation in columns of the data contained in this GenericValue variable, etc.

I also thought about the possibility of using the “export to Excel function” provided by SAP.

I appreciate your suggestion about the best alternative to folow.

Thanks in advance!

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Did we try with this option

Or the output of screen scrapping, a string variable can be passed as input to GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY that would give us a datatable output

Cheers @Marcelo_Vina

Hello Palaniyappan, I appreciate your quick answer!

Could you give any example about the alternatives you sugest? In order to better understand what should I do.

Thanks, Marcelo.

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At some point if tome we won’t be able to scrape a structured tabular form of data with the help of Data Scrapping method
so those structured data can be read with the help of SCREEN SCARPPING method
Where this screen scrapping method from design tab in studio will scrape those tabular data and give us with tab delimited string variable as output
—now we got an activity called GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY where tab delimited string can be passed as input and we could be able to get a datatable as output

For example this thread would help you

Cheers @Marcelo_Vina

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Hello Palaniyappan,

I understud. Thank you very much for your clear answer!

I’ll work in that way and be back with comments.

Thanks, Marcelo.

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Cheers @Marcelo_Vina

@Marcelo_Vina , UIAutomation.Activities 21.2-preview comes with support for scraping SAP ALV Grid tables. Please give it a try and let me know your feedback!


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