Extract Data from a DataTable

Goodmorning everyone,
we are having a problem with a development, while browsing an application we need to interface with a table and extract some fields.
This table is positioned in the lower end of the page, below some data fields and list boxes which acts as filters for the query which will return the table itself.
In order for the table to appear we have to compile those data fields and select certain items on those list boxes.
We have already tried with the classic commands like click or tab or jquery for compiling those data fields/lists but we can not activate the rules that triggers the table.
Thank you

I think its possible , We can give it a try if have any sample application to work on.

As per my understanding you have a web page in that you need to extract information from a table by applying some filters like list box or any other data fields as required.


Try use UiExplorer for find a good selector. Use the visual tree (source-code from the web page) to find a “Table” tag or a “Div” tag which does like a table and don’t forget to validate the selector.

I hope this helps.