Extract data from a Datatable and creating always a new excel file


I have an issue with exporting data table to excel. It works fine for me, but the problem is how to make it that it creates always a “new” excel file - not to overwrite the existing (for example: today it creates three or four excel files, or with any other attempt when robot read by data scraping function one table it creates always a new excel file). I hope I was clear enough.

I would appreciate a hint or help,

Thans in advance

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As per understanding you want to create new excel every time:
If it is ryt then Whenever u write the datatable in excel then u can set Name of excel dynamic

For ex for daily basis:

While mentioning th excel file path mention it with a time stamp
Like this in excel application scope

We can’t keep date here because you say four files are getting created daily so keeping the date will result the same

Cheers @zlatko_gradascevic

Thanks to both of you guys, but it still does not correspond to the what I need.

When I have applied first solution:

Path: C:\NewExcel_“+Date.Now.tostring(“dd_MM_yyyy”)+”.xlsx"

it created file named: NewExcel_16_08_2019 (it is ok)

when i started Robot again it just creates the file with the same name but in description is no longer 14:22 but 14:25 (so it works on a daily basis as You said and overwrites the existing file).

When I applied second solution @Palaniyappan :

“Yourfolderpath”+yourexcelfilenamewithoutextension_+Now.ToString(“hh_mm_ss”)+”.xlsx” did pretty similar scenario.

Maybe I was not clear enough and I will try to clarify:
With data scraping I read one data table and output is ExtractDataTable.
Then I open Excel application scope and define a path: C:\Probe.xlsx, then in Do sequence under Excel app scope I defined “Sheet1” Cell “A1” and in datatable field ExtractDataTable

It will create of course an excel file. When again I start the robot I want him to create a new excel file and again and again… so many time as I start Robot.

Maybe I did not correctly wrote above mentioned codes:-)


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