Extract Data between text

I want to extract data between given text…How can i do that?
INPUT : D:\AT&T Project documents\RPA Inputs\A01KVSZ.xlsx

Here in above example…i want to extract data as “A01KVSZ”
How can i do this by matches concept?


input = “D:\AT&T Project documents\RPA Inputs\A01KVSZ.xlsx”

output = Path.getFileNameWithOutExtension(input)

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thank you for your kindly reply

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it is showiing error as " getFileNameWithOutExtension" is not a member of generic value…then which variable type it is?

Did you try a String value instead of generic?

yes but also it is showing error

I am using normally in this cases Assign activity:
output = input.Substring(input.LastIndexOf("\")+1).Replace(".xlsx","")
Hope, this help you :slight_smile:


I got it

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