Extract data at a particular time

The highlighted value keeps changing. My aim is to extract the value say at a given time and use that value to manipulate other flow of events. How do I achieve this?

Hi @whity which value u want to extract all the value u highlighted ?

When you upload the completed workflow on to orchestrator, you can set how many times and what times of the day you want to run the bot.

If you were looking for help with the extraction itself, try using a get text activity or a data scraping the webpage.

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I wanted to get the 24266.75 value

Hi @whity,

As @JosephNehl has said, you can schedule a bot on Orchestrator to run at a specific time, or multiple times a day. Use a Get Text and indicate the element you want to scrape. From this screenshot you’ve given, I would assume a specific idx number would be needed to get the desired field.

Sorry, to come back this late. Below is the Inspect element how it looks like. I am trying to captur the number 30533.0, which keeps changing.

I tried using Get Visible Text option as below.


Some how, it is not fetching that value. This is how the UI explorer looks like.

I have a feeling that it doesn’t know what value or element to fetch. I am a newbie, sorry for the wrong terms usage.