Extract and split values from a long string variable


I have below string and i need to extract only the accounts’ details at the end of it.
My aim is to collect all users’ details and add them to a data table to be reused later on.

Additional actions logged:
Email sent to: ABC.Net@XXX.com

Please create new accounts on “XXX.com” domain and send credentials directly to the contact provided below.

Submitted form data

Contact: jozef.Name@XXX.com
OU: guide
Mandatory details: First_name,Last_name,External_e-mail,Suggested_UID,Company
External users’ details:


You can use regex to extract these items and group them.

Can you help on how exactly do that?

Try this. I’m using a text file to read the data, but you can replace this with whatever you’re using to get your raw data.

Processusvierge.zip (15,0 Ko)

Thanks for your assistance with this.
It works most of the times, however, sometime the input may be slightly different ( without newlines, spaces, etc.) so i’m trying to tune it so that it will be working all the times.

I’ll let you know if I’ll need more help :slight_smile:

I’ve some issues as input from users does not always follow the same format.
it could also look as below:

External users’ details: Name1,Surname1,Name1.Surname1@YYY.co

Once extract all the lines, I should also place them in an excel file.

Can you assist me further?