Extract all the Date of the form "22-MAR-2020" from a string

Need to extract all the dates of the form “22-Mar-2020” from a string. Can anyone provide the regex to extract and then to convert in “2020/03/22”?

date format conversion is done preferable with parsing into a datetime and then output it with a reformated string representation instead of doing it on string base

For this conversion have a look here:

ensure following:


Thanks forthe reply @ppr

But how to get all the dates in the form of “dd-MMM-yyy” from a string?

what does mean “all” dates.

Just elaborate more on your process and requirements. What is to do, from where comes the input for the bot, how is the input defined.


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@alpharobot Use \d{2}-[A-Z][a-z]{2}-\d{4} to extract all the dates of the form “22-Mar-2020” from a string and use @ppr answer to get them converted into the desired date format

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Thanks, @Arpit_Kesharwani it worked fine.

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