Extract all numbers before the last non zero digit with vb in uipath

I am trying to extract all numbers before the last non zero digits , i.e 1) if I have a number 4210014000000000 i am trying to extract only 4210014. 2) and if I have a number 621788000000000 i am trying to extract only 621788. 3)and if I have just 232322 then it should be 232322.


Is your variable string type? If so, can you try the following expression?


If your variable type is int32, the following will work.



Thanks Yoichi,
Thanks for you quick reply .
Yes it was a string, but I eventually found a way out of it.
I simply used in assign activity expectedstring = mystring.TrimEnd("0"c) and it works fine.
however ,I will go ahead to check out your method because i have really been trying to learn regex.


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