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I need to extract the informstions about all the titles in the different rows of the table.
Every 4 row there is a message

and i have to click on it to extract the informations about the next 4 rows.

How is it possible to check if there is the message and in case to click on it?
Can you please provide me an example of workflow?
It’s urgent.
I hope you can help me kindly :slight_smile:

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I think you can try using Data scrapping, where the content of tables are copied to a data table (DT).

The content of 5th row (remarks) should be copied to 1st column of DT, then 2nd column will be blank, so by checking second column, you can figure out whether the 5th row is remarks or data.

IN addition there is a pagination option, but not sure whether it will work for you.

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If @skini76 solution doesnt work.

Use text exists in the wider selector in a do while loop and click the text and keep doing it until it no longer appears.

Then scrape the data accordingly

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Thank you @TimK.
How to pass from text scraped to datatable?

Depending on how the information is retrieved, i.e. as a string - you would need to split the string accordingly, by new line / spaces etc.

You would then need to build a datatable from that.

Does the Data Scraping not work?

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have to extract the whole table in two steps.
Extracted the header as a data table and the whole data as another table.
How to create an unique table?
Thank you :slight_smile:

you can use an assign
Datatable = New Datatable

Then combine the tables into one :slight_smile:

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