Extract all data drop down list (not select only one item)

Hi, i want to extract all of the data from a drop down list ( not only one selected item) , this is my code;

but it gives me a blank document.

and this is ui explorer screenshot i don’t know why but outer&inner text only show one item but i have almost 1000 item:

and when i use select item, i can see all the data but i don’t want to select one item i need all of them.

Is there any way to extract these data? can you help me?



The name in the UiExplorer is outertext

All are in lower case

You have passed it as outerText

Can you recheck it once and execute the code


Hi @Mkary ,

Could you let us know if you want to select all items in the Dropdown as the element also supports the Multi Selection or Do you want to Extract all the values in the Dropdown ?

i checked and still blank document


can you check the output of find children activity whether it is giving any values or not


Hi @Mkary ,
You can use " find children" → get list UI elements
then use “for each UI elements” → if you want to write to excel…

Thanks i guess it may works but i can’t figure out how to save multiple item selection, there is no output section.