Extra comma when adding Data row

Adding Data Row with 3 value : {Col1 ,Col2, Col3}


In the file .csv result comes as it was added 6 values ( 3 extra comma) .
Do you have any idea why happens?

Hi @uiNew

Could you please share your workflow? For helping you better?

is a very long workflow , but in the end as json i retrieve the correct information…but when i store in .csv get some extra comma

Hey @uiNew!! Thanks for sharing the screenshot of the flow… I would recommend you to place a breakpoint at Add Data Row activity and check the values of variables that you are passing into it in the immediate panel. Just wanted to be sure. If you can pass me the xaml workflow I can try to help you with it.


thank you for your support…
you mean to add this as a breank point? Or i misunderstood?

@uiNew I am referring to run the workflow in debug mode. When you right click on the activity you will see toggle breakpoint. Please select it … it will pause your workflow for a while… Moreover please send workflow as xaml file so that i correct and send the updated workflow over to you.

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