Extra Column being Render in the excel file

Hi Community,

I not sure what i have edited in the Uipath and it give me result as per screenshot below:

Original excel file

Output (after run the UiPath)
As you can see, there was extra column being rendered in this case.

May i know what could go wrong normally in this case?

Thank you.


Can you please tell me the steps you followed here. So that we can check and help you where it went wrong.

Hi @SH_94,

There must be 2 blank columns in the input excel file, that’s why it is adding up 2 columns to the data table.

Hi @lakshman ,

I not sure which part i did wrong and i shared the screenshot for the every step that i touch with the excel file.

  1. Screenshot one

  2. Screenshot two

  3. Screenshot three - I not sure why it show 9 as i didnt select 9 column.

  4. Extract data from browser and use add data row

  5. then write the output.

Hi @shivagowdavarad ,

May i know how do i check whether 2 blank column exist or not? as from my view , it does not have any empty column


I can’t see any bug here. Can you run the process in Debug mode and check values in Immediate panel where the extra columns are getting added.

Dear Jacob,

Are you using Build Datatable activity anywhere to create the table and using it?
If so please delete the default columns in BuildDatatable activity and give a try

Thanks and Regards,

The extra columns are in your datatable. Use Debug instead of Run. Set a Breakpoint on the next activity after your datatable is populated. Then when it stops at the Breakpoint you can look in the Locals tab to see the columns that are in the datatable. You’ll probably want to use a Filter Datatable activity to remove the unwanted columns.

Hi @lakshman ,

I manage to find it but i dunno where should edit or delete it.

Do you know how to do it?

Use Filter Datatable. Set the in and out DTs to the same datatable. Don’t configure the filter tab. Go to the second tab and set it to keep Document No., Status, and Attachment Found columns.

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