Extra Borders appearing when editing Excel spreadsheet

The top window is my template. UiPath then does a write cell in B2 and B3, and then does an append range to add the data from row 5 downwards.

Can anyone suggest why the additional border is appearing at the top of the spreadsheet?

I’m using .xlsx, and using the Workbook activities.
The Excel package is 2.8.6

Thank you.

Hi @andrewjames,
Could you tell me which exact activity are you using for this? Because there are similar activities for Workbook and Excel.

Hi @Pablito, Thanks for the reply.
It’s the Workbook activities I’m using, not the Excel ones.

I’ve done a work around of drawing white boxes (using the drawing tool) over the borders I don’t want on the template, as the excel file is later converted to a PDF before being uploaded onto the employee’s HR record, but it’s not ideal.

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Good that you found workaround. Anyway if you would be able to create just test project with this issue happening and sent it zipped here. I could take a closer look at it and eventually show this to our devs. Maybe it’s something what could be fixed. Not sure.

Here is a cut down version of what I am doing, which demonstrates the issue:
SampleForUiPath.zip (17.5 KB)

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Thank you. I will take a closer look on it.

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