External Websites Question


What are the concerns with an RPA accessing an external website besides the below:

  • It may be illegal for bot to access website
  • Websites formatting may change and are likely unknown
  • Websites release schedules may vary and are likely unknown
  • Accessing many websites creates complexity for RPA

I ask because there is an automation opportunity that is across 60+ external websites and I want to know what your concerns would be in having an RPA log into each website and data scrape and extract information and drop in a shared location for the business to access. I have many concerns as listed above, but curious to hear the community’s thoughts.

Thank you!

Also, none of these websites are Two-Factor or CAPCHA-based, but some may be flashed-base and that creates issues for RPA, too. Does not seem like an ideal process for RPA automation, curious on other’s thoughts.